Subject: Vampyre – Part 12 The following story is fictional and does not depict any real people or Events. This story is STRICTLY fantasy, I am not endorsing the NSDAP or anything they did, this is fiction, please treat it as such. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. fty/donate.html —————————————————————————— If you are of a nervous disposition this may not be the story for you… It is easy to dismiss myths, legends and the creatures of your darkest dreams; it is what I reply on, otherwise you would take precautions against me, but your fear of being mocked, made to seem paranoid, is what lets me thrive. Young men are the worst, yet their very bodies, allow me to drink the two substances I need to exist, pleasure comes in many layers, I don’t live in the shadows, I don’t need to; to you I don’t exist. ************** Ernst had always been a bit of ruffian, god knows how he had once climbed so high. I drained my glass, enjoying a warmness wash over me, feeling my stress melt away, I had whittled the six down to two, now to either go for the Brockwurst shaped cock or the thicker Bratwurst. Just about to move, I was handed another champagne glass, this was going to be some reunion, I decided on the Bratwurst, it stood out from a mat of black hair, as I knelt down I followed the happy trail up to a hairy chest, lovely. I gripped the hard cock and sank my fangs into his virgin flesh, there is nothing like virgin fresh blood, my head spun, I looked over at Ernst, he was busy feeding now too, I was going to enjoy this stopover in Bavaria. ***************************** Vampyre – Part Twelve `Pyotr, have you seen Zeke? `Not recently Sir, last time I did, he said was he was going to explore the Castle with Casper, that was a few hours ago now’ `Hmm okay, I will keep looking’ I decided that searching the whole Castle could take me ages and I was rather full after my excellent lunch, teenage cum and teenage blood, my whole body felt renewed; setting up a private boys school, sounded a great idea, I would look into that once I was back home. I sniffed the air, just where was Zeke, I followed the faint smell along the corridor and found myself climbing up one of the towers, I peered out of one of the tiny windows, I was in one of the fairy tale, like turrets, he had definitely come this way, I carried on spiralling upwards, how many bloody stairs were there, finally a door. I turned the handle and pushed it open, the room was in darkness and shadows apart from the flickering light from two flaming braziers standing at the far side of the room, Christ. `Zeke, what the fuck’ My young friend was on his knees at the centre of the room beneath him a tiled floor, he was at the centre of a schwarze Sonne; Black Sun symbol, dressed in a Hitler youth uniform, his buns perfectly outlined by the dark leather shorts, his feet in white calf length socks, his fangs buried in the cock of a similarly dressed teenager. I scanned the room, another figure appeared out of the gloom. `Ah, Edmund, I see you have met Zeke? `Jonathon, how good to see you, I meant to join you all for lunch, but got distracted by young Zeke here’ I was sure he had, Edmund had always been an outrageous, in your face homosexual, I had never taken to him. I flicked on the light switch, the room was flooded with light from numerous spots lights which seemed to circle the entire room. Zeke had stopped feeding and was now standing, still holding the hard cock of the other youth, whose glazed eyes told me all I need to know. The wall behind Zeke was hung with a huge Fuhrer Standard, the gold thread sparkling in the light of the braziers either side of it, next hung floor to ceiling party banners, the Hakenkruez; the hooked cross, all the way round the room, separated by black iron braziers. Behind each brazier, a Golden Eagle topped Deutschland Erwache standard. The black, white and blood red simply stunning. Symbolism and mysticism, had always been big parts of the NSDAP and I remembered the effect of all these symbols on the German public at the time, mass hypnotism seemed the only explanation, simply stunning and with a hint of eroticism, who wouldn’t be seduced. I could only imagine what the room would like, only lit by the burning braziers, Zeke obviously had, his own Hitler Youth armband joining him to the room. `Edmund, I would rather you had asked me about getting Zeke dressed up like this, he doesn’t realise what it all ended up standing for’ Edmund folded his arms and glared at me, we had never been close, of the three, Edmund was always the more outrageous always pushing the boundaries. If I had been hoping for him being a bit more contrite, I was disappointed, he was fronting me out, me a new Old One, why Ernst had converted him, I had no idea. `Zeke, change back into your own clothes please’ Edmund stepped towards me, a felt his direct challenge. `I think Ernst, would love to see niğde escort young Zeke like this, he looks so smart’ Edmund looked directly at me, now I had to decide, was it worth making a scene or should I go with the flow, I was the one after all, who had brought Zeke here and was also a guest in this Castle of madness. `Okay, Zeke, put on the boots and we can let, Ernst and Karl see you, then you are changing’ `Can I bring him? Zeke indicated to the other youth. `No’. I had to win at least a small victory. I felt Zeke glaring at me, he put on his boots and came towards me, Casper joining us, we began the walk back down to the Great Hall. `Well, well, very smart young man’ Zeke, looked very pleased with himself and stood to attention, Ernst in his customary parade stance, his hands on his hips, nodded to Karl who smiled broadly. `Here I have something for you, He said to Zeke He crossed to his desk, opened a draw and brought out a black leather box embossed with a golden Parteiadler; Party Eagle, he flicked a small clasp and opened the box, the box was lined with blood red velvet and held, a Golden Hitler youth honour badge with oak leaf border, a Hitler youth knife, an armband and a gold NSDAP party badge. Oh no, I watched as Ernst crossed to Zeke, saluted him and handed him the box, Karl and Edmund had leapt to attention and both saluted to a thunderous Sieg Heil. Right I had to stop this madness, `Okay Zeke, please thank Ernst and go and get changed back into your own clothes’ `Oh, leave the boy be Jonathon, he is just playing at dressing up’ Edmund, again, I looked to Ernst for support, but he had turned away, Karl was now chatting to Zeke admiring the gift he had been given, I would have to shorten our stay. Edmund handed me a shot glass, obviously of cum, `Prost’ he said chinking my glass with his, he downed his shot, I followed suit, oh that taste, obviously fresh and from a young guy, my head spun, I swallowed it slower than I made out as he poured me another one. I kinda lost my idea of time and when I did head back to my room, my head was spinning, I pushed open Zeke’s door, good he was asleep on the bed, Casper by his side on the floor, his eyes glowed red and then back to normal as he recognised me, I closed the door and walked further down the corridor to my room. I pushed open the door, ops, wrong room, I checked, no it wasn’t, I opened the door again, I had apparently had a makeover. I went in and closed the door behind me, I tried for the lights, dam, they didn’t work, in front of me was my bed, at each corner was a flaming brazier, two young guys in Hitler youth outfits were on the bed looking at me, I walked towards them, both were wearing Hitler youth Summer Caps, one was black haired the other a striking blond. No I mustn’t, I briefly thought to myself as I stood at the bottom of the bed, removing my clothing. I climbed on to the bed between them and crawled on all fours towards the blond, my cock was rapidly swelling, I took hold of his summer cap and pulled it off, my lips contacting his, his blue eyes staring into mine, his tongue, pushing back as I held him to the bed, I felt the other guys hand on my back, gently rubbing up and down as I snogged the face of the blond, his skin was so soft, so youthful, I licked his throat and cheeks, plunging my tongue back into his mouth, I pulled away, my head swirling and took the black haired youths face in my hands, I forced my tongue into his mouth too, tasting his youth, needing it, I ran my hand up and pulled off his cap, his short black hair bristled against my hand, I had to taste him to, I ran my tongue over his face, I looked at them both and lay on my back as they got off the bed and began to undo, their black strapping, their shirts, then their leather shorts, boots and white socks, both now stood in just white baggy underpants, neither much older than 16. The black haired one, had obvious tuffs of hair at his armpits and a faint happy trail leading down from his navel. The blond was totally smooth, they both pushed down their pants, again the black haired guy’s pubes immediately visible, his 6″ cock sticking straight out above his hairless balls, the blond, seemed totally hairless, closer inspection was needed, his cock was a touch bigger and thicker, its slit glistening in the flickering light. I lay back, gripping my hard shaft at the base, both lads crawled over and took hold of my hard cock one either side, I laid back my hands on the backs of their heads, as their tongues and mouths worked my shaft and bellend, I watched as their tongues met on my cockhead, I pushed their heads together watching their tongues intertwining over and above and round my throbbing bellend, precum, poured out of my slit and was running down my shaft, they took turns licking it up and sharing it with the other, I grabbed blondie and pulled his head back to mine, I thrust my tongue into his mouth again, tasting myself and his mate, I ran my hands over his youthful toned body, he was smooth apart from some downy tuffs, I gripped his swollen cock and balls, roughly pulling them to my mouth, Blackie was busy feasting on my cock and balls, someone had taught them nişantaşı escort well. I ran my tongue over Blondies bellend slit licking up the boy honey, he was so sweet and yet meaty, I wanked him hard, licking up all he was giving up, his walnut sized balls swinging in their sac. I pulled him round till he was facing away from me his, butt inches from my face, I gripped his buttocks and eased them apart, pulling him back by his hips, I could smell, his scent, I let my tongue flick over his butt hole, it quivered, I licked round it and gently blew, I could see the little blond hairs, standing to attention, he was moaning, gently, I kissed his hole once more then eased my tongue into him, he groaned again, I felt Blackie offering him my cock to suck, and blondie engulfed it in his mouth, as Blackie worked on my balls, lifting them and taking them into his mouth one at a time. I worked blondies hole hard, it seemed that drove him on to pleasure my cock in equal measure, I eased a finger into blondies ass alongside my finger, I could feel his muscles gripping my finger, drawing me in, this was promising, I pushed in finger two, Blondies gasped, I felt the air on my bellend as he took it from his mouth, Blackie was back on to it, digging his tongue into my slit. With my third finger knuckle deep blondie was pushing back on to me, his thigh muscles rock hard and he bounced back. I tapped his arse and got him to turn round, I hauled myself off the bed and took up position behind him, he was on all fours me on my knees, I pushed my cockhead into his hole, smearing my precum over his sphincter, I gripped his hips and pushed my way into his virgin ass, I could hear him sobbing into the pillow, fuck him, I wanted this. I pushed his legs further apart and raised one of my knees, I could easily see my cock ploughing his ass, I looked for Blackie and felt him easing apart my ass cheeks, now mad easier with one knee up, he pushed his tongue in deep, I felt it flicking over my hole, I spread my legs wider, forcing Blondies to an obscene angle, my thick shaft was being gripped by his ring, which was being dragged up and down it with my motion. Blackie’s tongue was really turning me on, I was matching his enthusiasm fucking Blondie, Blackie then got on to his knees and I felt his hard cock, pushing between my butt cheeks, now what to do, to let him fuck me or not, before I could make a decision, I felt his bellend push past my defences and pop into my arse, he shuffled forward, pushing deeper as he did, I waited for him to get into position, Blondies pleased of the break, Blackie’s wiry pubes rubbed against my ass cheeks, he began biting at my neck and ear, his tongue licking my skin as I matched his thrusts into me and resumed fucking Blondie’s tight hole, I reached forward and took hold of Blondies hair, pulling his head up and back. I leant forward, whispering in to his ear what a horny fucker he was, our tongues found each other again, Blackie was thrusting faster, but I wanted his cum down my throat not in my arse, I got him to pull out and to begin snogging Blondie as I quickened my pace, my balls slapping against his ass, I painted his insides with my load, he felt me cumming and moaned deeply on to Blackie’s tongue, I knelt enjoying my orgasm, my final shudders, forcing out the last of my spunk. I pulled out and got Blondie on his back alongside Blackie, I reached for the caps and put them back on their heads; they looked sooo horny. I knelt facing them both, a cock in each hand and took my time working each in my mouth, enjoying all the boy honey they gave up, they were both soon writhing on the bed, their hips raising to meet my downward wank, Blackie gasped I’m cumming, I got my mouth over his cock head just in time to feel his load pumping out with all the vigour of youth, rope after rope hit the roof of my mouth, god it was beautiful. I barely had time to enjoy it when Blondie moaned, I knew what was about to happen and once more caught his first spurt as it left his shaft, thank god we can move so quickly. I drained his teenage balls too, my head was spinning, from the combined spunk of these two, I laughed to myself, I loved `youth dew’. Spent the two guys snuggled up to me one either side, I would drink again later, now I just wanted to enjoy the warmth of their two bodies, I drifted off to sleep, one spooned in front and the other spooned behind me. I awoke suddenly, my eyes looked towards the windows, it was lightening, the flash illuminated the room again, I was about to count the seconds, as thunder shook the room, the rain was hammering against the window, I snuggled up tighter to blondies ass and pulled Blackie in close behind me, that wasn’t thunder, it was a tap on the door, Zoltan’s eyes glowed red, I looked round as the door opened, Zeke was standing in his dressing gown with Casper next to him, another flash and another crack of thunder and Zeke was standing next to my bed, Casper joining Zoltan and Boyra on the carpet. `Jonathon can I get in too, the thunder is really frightening, I had to remind myself that Zeke is only twelve, I pulled back the cover, Zeke dropped ankara olgun escort his dressing gown and climbed into the bed naked and spooned back in to Blondies crotch, I reached over and ruffle Zeke’s head, I was getting ever closer to him. Pyotr knocked on the door at the usual time. `Thank you Pyotr, I am awake and will be out soon’ I shouted to him, The three lads began to wake up, I watched Zeke reaching back and began wanking Blondie’s morning glory, Blackie’s I could feel pushing between my ass cheeks. I got the two guys lying on their backs and invited Zeke to begin sucking and wanking Blackie, I wanted Blondies load again, I knew it would not be as much as last night, so Zeke should be fine, it didn’t take long for me to be tasting Blondies youth juice on my tongue, Blackie cumming as he heard his friend unloading, Zeke drank it all down. Licking his lips after he had cleaned all the spunk off Blackie’s cock, Zeke grinned and took hold of Blondies and dragged out a pearl of cum to his slit, which he hungrily lapped up. I told Zeke to feed and watched as his pushed his fangs into Blondies cock, I took hold of Blackie’s meat once more and slipped my fangs into him, another rush, that’s why Zeke was so quiet, his face a picture of contentment and peace, his little button nose twitching, we both drank and then he wanted to swap cocks, we swapped over, Blondie tasted every bit as good as I thought he would, Zeke, drank his face a cheeky grin; I was spoiling this kid. Another knock on the door, it swung open, it was Edmund, he had a sarcastic smile on his face `Oh, I am pleased you enjoyed, Hans and Jorgen, alas they have to be at school again today, let me know when you are finished’ I would miss Ernst and Karl, but not Edmund. We all met later in the Great Hall and sat round the fire. `Ernst you know that the `Old One’s High Council’ will be meeting again soon, I had suggested you to Montfort, but he feels that your past, would put other member from voting for you’ `I expected as much’ Ernst grunted back as he stared into the flames `I wouldn’t mind if they hadn’t done equally awful things, every one of them has blood on their hands, and fangs’ he laughed at his joke I could sense he was hurt, but I couldn’t see a way forward, he was just too controversial. `What about Edmund? Hardly anyone has heard of him’ Ernst laughed again, `Enough have’ I added quickly, I tried to supress my thoughts as my mind screamed OVER MY DEAD BODY. `Well thank you for being honest with me’ Ernst turned and smiled at me, `come another drink’. As I walked back to my room later, Karl came up behind me `Jonathon, can I have a quick chat in private? `Sure’ he followed me into my room, the braziers had been lit again, but no Hitler Youth this time. `Are you sure there is nothing you can do, to help Ernst? You know he does deserve it, unlike that pig Edmund’ Well at least we had the same view of him, I shook my head `I can try but I am sure it will be blocked’ I added `Well please try, if only for old times’ sake’ I nodded smiling at him `Can I offer you a night cap Karl? He nodded, how they got all the young men at the school to wank every day was beyond me, but once more my room had a thermos flask of warm cum, next to the bed, I poured us both a glass and we sat on the bed, toasting old times, happier times. I watched Karl put down his empty glass, he looked deep into my eyes and he leant towards me, our lips met, I had always loved Karl, he hadn’t lost his boyish good looks, Ernst had converted him when he was 21. I felt his tongue push against my lips, I tried to stop myself, but soon found his tongue in my mouth mine in his, we had only ever gotten together once before, our animal desire could not be contained, we rolled on to the bed, he was pulling at my shirt, ripping it away from my chest, his was soon gone too thrown to the floor, we broke apart, shedding our shoes, socks, trousers and briefs, he looked up at me on his back, I got between his legs, my hard cock prodding his balls, we snogged more, he lifted his hips and I felt his had grip my swollen cock, he positioned it at his hole, he wanted fucked, there was nothing caring about it. I thrust forward, he moaned wrapping his legs round my waist. I hammered my cock into him, the years of desire exploding into an intense fuck, I knew I wouldn’t last long, our tongues wrestling, his ass muscles gripping my cock, I exploded into him, whimpering as I did, we collapsed together, many years of lust had passed unspoken. I kissed him again and pulled him close to me, `Can I stay with you tonight? He asked as he snuggled back against me. I held him tight, tomorrow we would be leaving, we had had word the vehicles were already, then we would be heading back home, who knew when we would be back, I hoped we could make love slowly later. ***************** Please send e-mails letting me know if you are enjoying the stories and any storyline suggestions; I cannot guarantee to use them all though. I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing. Other stories by this writer: `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’`Dominic Online’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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