Mom Becoming a Model


Mom Becoming a ModelEver since mom’s photo shoot incident with Lewis, her behaviour especially with me around the house had changed. She became more open with me in the way she would dress and she generally became more confident in showing off some skin not just with me but when out in public too. When home on occasions she would often come down to breakfast or be preparing breakfast in her robe. Often braless, the top of her bust would always be visible. Just to remind you, mom’s body despite being 40 didn’t seem to be losing any of its sexual appeal. Her long silky legs were always a turn on as it is. I’d always find myself staring at them from top to bottom, with her thighs being slightly larger in proportion to the rest of her legs. They’d often be smooth and elegant. Her waist despite being 40 and giving birth to me over 21 years ago was quite modest. With wide hips, you could really notice her curves in anything that she wore. Her ass was round and curved like a peach, which combined with her waist and legs really highlighted the fact that she had an hourglass shaped body.Being fair skinned, mom had that exotic aura surrounding her which always turned me on. With a perky 36DD chest, her tits always seemed to get the most attention. Even when going to work it seemed that mom recognized this particular asset of hers and seemingly wasn’t shy to flaunt them through the various blouses and shirts she’d chose to wear. This became ever more apparent since allowing Lewis to take photos of her not too long ago.Lewis who was a close friend of mine, despite being 21 too seemed to have turned mom on that day with the attention he gave her during the photo shoot. Mom seemed to enjoy having that ‘milf’ appeal that I always fantasized and imagined that she had towards younger men. Her selection of short skirts and tight blouses, when going to her weekend job at the store indicated that this wasn’t further from the truth. At her weekend job at the store, I knew she’d often come into contact with younger men and this didn’t seem to stop her from dressing in the way that she often did. In fact you could argue that it made her choice of clothing even more revealing. Often whistles and jeers would be heard whenever I’d go out with mom whether it be for shopping or just out in general. This was mainly due to the fact that some part of her body seemed to always be on show in public. With all of this happening more and more, I often found myself jerking off in the middle of the night at the thought of mom working in porn. I had already experienced an occasion prior to the photo shoot of mom teasing random strangers which made me certain that she was indeed a secret slut at heart. The problem was however, convincing my mom to go into the porn industry whether amateur or professional was never going to be easy. The thought of mom being in porn was something that Lewis put into my head after the photo shoot. When he said that he’d share the pictures that he took of mom with türbanlı aydın escort someone that he knew who worked in amateur porn as a producer never left my mind. Despite many months passing since that conversation and incident, the sexual tension inside of me only seemed to increase day by day. Sadly, I didn’t expect this fantasy of mine to become a reality. No way, would there be any scenario where mom would even consider going into the porn industry. Despite her inner ‘slutty’ side, she wouldn’t put herself out like that. It was late Saturday evening and mom was unusually late. Her shift was meant to finish at 6pm but it was approaching 8pm there was no sign of her. I didn’t think too much of it and assumed that she had gone shopping or out with friends straight after. What made it strange was the fact that if mom was ever late or intending to be late, she would usually text me before hand. I decided to put a pizza in the oven and put on a film whilst waiting for mom to get in. Then at around 9:30pm there were heavy foot steps outside and before I could get up and look to see what it was, there was mom bursting in through the front door. She seemed very stress and bothered. She was wearing her dark glossy satin governess blouse which was fully buttoned from the top and a short white pencil skirt. Furiously she walked into the living room and threw her jacket which she was carrying onto the sofa before falling into it in a heap. I stopped my film that I was watching on my laptop and looked up towards her. “Everything alright mom, where you been?”She began to unbutton a few of her top buttons which slightly exposed the top of her bust.”No Brian, everything is not alright. I’ve been fired from the store for an altercation with a customer.” I had rarely seen mom lose her temper like this and almost sling everything in reach around the room. She grabbed the pillows beside her and threw them onto the floor before kicking off her heels and lying down. “What the hell, why did they fire you mom if it was the customers fault?” “I don’t know, I was simply defending myself against being attacked. He tried groping my ass as I went down to pick out something for him on one of the shelves.”I couldn’t help but take a quick glance at mom’s white pencil skirt as she was laid out on her back across the sofa. It seemed to be hugging her hips so tightly and I could only imagine that it wrapped around fully to hug onto her ass tightly too. “Well maybe it was a misunderstanding mom; I mean perhaps he did it by mistake.” She looked back at me and began to frown.”I’m not stupid Brian; I know how a man’s mind works. I’m fed up of this constant bullshit from work.” “So does this mean you’re going to have to find another job?” I asked.Mom who was still trying to calm herself down began to sit up. As she was doing so she undid all of the buttons on her blouse and began to take it off. I couldn’t help but get instantly turned on at türbanlı aydın escort bayan the full view of her black and pink lona plunge padded push up bra.It enhanced her bust massively to the point where the extra padding was almost pushing her breasts out of the bra. The straps were almost string like and tucked over her shoulders which meant that my full focus was on her chest.”Whoa mom easy, what are you doing?” “I can’t be bothered Brian, just keep quiet and let me unwind. I make an extra effort to look good and professional at work and do the best that I can but sadly it doesn’t seem to be enough.” She slumped back into the sofa and undid her bun, letting her hair down across both shoulders. I made sure that I had moved my laptop over my immense hard on, didn’t want her to see what her undressing was doing to me. “So what are you going to do now mom, or are you just going to look for a new job?””I don’t know Brian. I can’t be bothered doing shitty weekend jobs like this and take this kind of bullshit.”Instantly after hearing her say that, my fantasy of mom being in porn came back to into mind. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to raise it but I was shitting myself at the same time because I didn’t know what mom’s response would be.”What about modelling mom?” I asked cautiously. Apart from that little photo shoot with Lewis a few months ago, mom hadn’t ever done anything remotely close to modelling.Despite her enjoying the attention when flaunting her assets, she never went any further than just flaunting. Probably explains why she and dad are still together. “Are you crazy Brian, do I look like some sort of cheap ass hooker or prostitute to you?” “It was just a thought mom, I mean I’m not stupid and I know you dress provocatively as does everyone else when you’re out.I paused for a moment. Besides I’ve not forgotten that little photo shoot with Lewis that you did a few months back””It was a silly mistake on my part and something which I should never have agreed to. I’m your mother Brian, not a hooker.” Mom’s temper didn’t seem to be going away, it was unlike of her to be this up tight and stressed. She was a very proud woman who took her employment status very seriously since she was young. From being raised within a poor family when she was younger, it was almost a knock against her pride, this particular firing. “But the money they make is insane and you wouldn’t even need to work the hours that you already do to make ends meet.” Still slumped against the sofa in her bra and pencil skirt, mom began rummaging through her hand bag. “And besides you’re still quite attractive mom, if you don’t mind me saying.” Strangely enough she didn’t react in the way that I thought she would do. I was half heartedly expecting her to throw me out of the house after suggesting potentially modelling. “You’re my son Brian. You shouldn’t be saying, let alone thinking things like this involving me. I understand türbanlı escort aydın you’re 21 and these things are natural but seriously you need to stop right there.” Mom pulled out her cell phone from her bag.”I’m going to go upstairs and get changed out of this and speak to your father about today.” She said.”What about Lewis?” I asked.”What do you mean by that Brian?”Taking a deep breath I continued.”Don’t think I forgot that little incident that you had with him. I know you didn’t tell dad about it, let’s be honest you enjoyed it and you enjoy flaunting and teasing other men.” Part of me felt really bad raising the whole Lewis scenario up again. This was the first time since the incident itself that it had been raised. Mom didn’t seem disgusted by it either if anything she probably thought that it was something that I had forgotten about in the months that passed. “Brian that entire incident was a mistake on my part. At the time your father and I were going through a rough patch and I wasn’t feeling too good about myself.” She carried on explaining that with dad often being away on business that her sexual inclinations increased to the point of which she lost all control. That was one thing which even I could understand. Mom probably wasn’t a slut originally and come to think of it she never was when I was younger.”I’m not saying it’s a bad thing mom, you are extremely attractive and all of my friends always comment on how much of a milf they think you are.” “That’s not the point Brian, I mean I’m flattered to know that they find me attractive but seriously, modelling for someone like me isn’t exactly the best career move at this stage in my life.” My eyes were fixated on mom’s chest and the rest of her body. Her tanned skin made her look 10 years younger than she already was. You wouldn’t think she was 40 at all by looking her when she’d be in a bikini. Still resisting the urge to relieve my immense hard on, I kept the laptop firmly placed on top of my crotch. “Mom, no one needs to know. I won’t tell anyone and you love the attention anyway. Lewis said he knows people in the industry too.””So you and Lewis do talk about me, that wasn’t just a one time thing?” She said in shock. “Mom, no one will know and besides I know you’re aware of all the whistles and reaction you get when we’re out.” Mom sighed.”Your dad won’t like the thought of this Brian. We hardly see each other as it is.She adjusted her bra before continuing. “And when I’m out and about, it’s the closest I get to satisfy those sexual inclinations and urges whether it be by dressing in a certain way or receiving cheap whistles and cheers from other men.” “I know about your needs mom, I’m just trying to help you satisfy them and establish a career which will benefit you and us financially.” Mom stood there in deep thought as she contemplated the idea of possibly modelling as a career. Her eyes rolled and she begun looking at herself in the reflection of the living room mirror from head to toe. She often reminded me of that milf star Elicia Solis and had the personality as well as body needed to succeed in modelling. “I’ll see Brian.”Mom turned around and left the room with her ass swaying in that tight pencil skirt. Her back fully exposed with just her bra strap slightly undone. I immediately grabbed my cell out of my pocket and rung Lewis.

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