Dear Diary


I was asked to write this story by a friend. I do hope that you like it. I would appreciate any feedback you would care to give.

Chapter 1

I shouldn’t have done it, but I had to. My daughter was acting even weirder after her Eighteenth birthday. It was only a month ago, I just figured she just thought she was a full blown adult. So here after I heard her scream she was leaving for school, I ran downstairs to give her money for her lunch. She was already gone. I entered the kitchen to see if she at least made one for her self. I was relieved when I saw on the table what was left of her mess. I started to clean up after her putting away the bread first. Next was the ham and cheese. I then proceeded to move the package of lunch bags she left. That’s when I found it. Her diary.

I picked it up to bring it to her room, but then she might think I read it. I was unable to move. She was my daughter and I had to respect that she would want her privacy. I put it back on the table where I found it and went upstairs to continue getting ready for work. When I came back downstairs it was still there. I made myself some coffee and sat down to relax before I had to go. I should have left right then and there. The diary called out to me and I picked it up again, this time opening it. I flipped through trying to catch a word that would justify me reading it. “Fuck.” That was the word that caught my attention.

I found the beginning of the journal entry. It was dated right before her birthday. Almost a full two months ago. I argued with myself on whether to continue or not. My morals said I should just put it back down. My morals lost. This is what it said.

Dear Diary:

I am so happy. I am almost ready. I just got off line with my friend and she thinks I should go for it. I am waiting till I my birthday so this way he can’t say I am to young. I have been so attracted to him for so long. Ever since I was younger I wanted him. I just had to wait even though I didn’t want to. Now I only have to wait another month. I am afraid though. Does every daughter want to fuck her father? I feel so naughty wanting to do it. I love telling all my online friends about my unspeakable desire. I get so turned on thinking about him. The way he smells when he comes home from work. Well, Diary, I don’t know what to do. Till tomorrow my friend. Crystal.

I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I sat there for a few moments wondering what to do. I turned to the beginning of the book.

Dear Diary:

I was online today in a chat room called unspeakable desires. Today was the first time I spoke up. I use to just jump around other chat rooms but there were a lot of things that turned me on. I would always just read and never respond. After hearing everyone else’s fantasy there was only one I wanted. I don’t wish to write it just yet. My friend told me I should make a diary and write down all that I feel in it. So that is why I got you. I found so many different people to talk to. It’s just that now I am turned on by so many kinky things and I only just learned how to drive. Everyone says I should do it now when I am young at heart. I just don’t think I am ready yet. I think I will write it. I want to make love with my Dad. Till tomorrow my friend. Crystal.

I was shocked. I put the book down and called work telling them that I was not feeling well. I would be in tomorrow if I were better. I brought the book upstairs with me and decided to read it from cover to cover. I learned a few things about my teenage daughter that day. One: that she liked the idea of being with me. I couldn’t believe it, me, her own father. Two: she likes it rough, real rough. She even stated she wanted to be fucked by three guys while I watched. How did my daughter get this way? Three: she took an interest in girls. This friend of hers online apparently put a lot of ideas in her head. Four: she loved to be called dirty names. I also found out something about myself. I wanted to fuck my daughter.

Chapter 2

I entered into my daughter’s room with her Diary. Placing it on the bed with the note I wrote. It simply stated that she left it on the table. I reread the diary two more times. My dick was dripping with pre-cum. Now here I stood in my little girls’ room. I sat on her bed rubbing my hands over her pink comforter. I was in a daze staring at her computer. I figured what the hell; I already broke her trust. I got up and went to her computer desk. It was the same one I bought for one of her birthdays. I wonder if she talked about this then.

I turned on the computer and waited for it to warm up. In no time I jumped on line and looked through her favorite places. In about five minutes I saw all the adult sites she liked to visit. The one I checked out was .com. She book marked a few stories. I read them all. One was where a daughter was forced to have sex with her Dad, another was a gang banging daughter, even a few rape fantasies. I read them all oblivious to everything. Then I saw someone wanted to talk to me or rather to her.

GothKitty: Well, did you yet?

I Escort assumed it was her female friend. What was I to do? I didn’t think about this. I figured it would be easier to reply.

TenchiAngel: Do what yet?

GothKitty: You Know FUCK your father. You’ve only been talking about it for the past three weeks.

What was I to say to that? I was at a loss for words. Here was this girl asking my daughter if she fucked me yet. What was I to do? I sat there in my daughter’s chair trying to type something, anything. A picture of me sat on the desk to the right. I felt like I had no right to be there. Well, If I didn’t think of something fast then this GothKitty would be asking my daughter later what was going on.

TenchiAngel: No. Did you?

She didn’t respond right away. Should I type again or just continue to wait? I waited for her answer wondering if I said the wrong thing. Would she know I wasn’t my daughter?

GothKitty: Who is this? You’re not Crystal

I couldn’t believe she gave her real name. Didn’t I teach her anything?

TenchiAngel: What are you talking about? Yes, I am.

GothKitty: No you’re not. Katrina knows I’ve been fucking my father for the last five years. Is this…Is this her Dad?

Oh Shit. I should have just ignored her. Well, how much more trouble could I get in? The rest of the conversation went like this:

TenchiAngel: Yes, I am. What did you do to my daughter? Why did you put these sick ideas in her head?

GothKitty: Me? I don’t think so she came out and told me her desire first. After she told me everything I told her I was already doing my Dad.

TenchiAngel: So why are you edging her on. Let her be. Tell her you lied to her and it’s sick.

GothKitty: Why should I do that? I don’t think it’s sick. You read her Diary didn’t you?

I stopped writing in shock. She knew, this little whore, was the one who told her to write that thing.

GothKitty: Well, Are you still there?

TenchiAngel: Yes. What am I supposed to say. Here I find out that my daughter wants to fuck me and you have been fucking your father. I am just shocked. I don’t know what to do. Yes, I did read her diary.

GothKitty: Fuck her like the whore she is. Did you know that? Your daughter is a fucking Internet slut. She goes into all kinds of chat rooms and cybers with everyone. Especially me! You know though she is saving herself for you.

TenchiAngel: My daughter is not a slut.

GothKitty: Sure she is. Wait till she finds out I chatted with you.

TenchiAngel: You can’t tell her.

GothKitty: Sure I can.

GothKitty: Are you hard? Is your dick soaking your underwear? Think about it. Most men want to fuck their daughters and now you have the opportunity.

TenchiAngel: You are sick

GothKitty: Just as sick as your daughter? Listen! Go downstairs. Remember where she used to play with her dolls. Check out that room and you let me know what you think. I will wait a week before I say anything.

TenchiAngel: Why are you doing this?

GothKitty: Because it turns me on. Besides your Daughter started it. I am making sure she finishes it.

GothKitty: You never asked me my secret desire.

GothKitty: Aren’t you the least bit curious

TenchiAngel: Fine! What is it?

GothKitty: Well ever since I MET your daughter. We want to be raped by you and a few other guys

Chapter 3

I jumped off line pissed. Not because the way she was talking, but because she was right. I was ready to cum in my pants. I went downstairs to see what I could find. I walked into her small playroom and looked around. I was shocked. Once again my eighteen-year-old daughter surprised me. In the trunk she had her old dolls in, there was all kinds of toys. Sexual toys. I saw dildos of all sizes; even one that was double sided. There was magazine after magazine about incest and bondage. I was in awe of my little girl. I began to wonder what kind of underclothes she wore.

I skimmed through a few of the magazines. I even went so far as to read some of the stories. She had a lot of the father and daughter stories book marked. One particular good one I found was called “A Son’s Curiosity” I stopped reading that, I already wanted my daughter. I don’t know what I would do if I wanted my Mother.

I cleaned up down here and went upstairs to her room once again. I looked all through her things and found some very, very sexy clothes. I would have known if I still did her laundry. I was afraid, afraid that I would actually fuck my daughter. I started to be more afraid that I wouldn’t. I went to my room and jumped online. I typed in GothKitty on my buddy list. Her name showed up immediately. I highlighted her name and hit “locate.” She was in, what I considered to be her favorite spot: Unspeakable Desires. I decided to play with her first before letting her know who I was. I realized now I wanted to give my daughter what she wanted. I also knew I would need her help.

Drake632: Hello

I sat there waiting. I hit the join button to join Escort Bayan her in the room. It took a few tries; it kept telling me the room was full. When I finally got in I read along for a few before trying GothKitty again.

Drake632: How are you?

I Read on in the room reading peoples messages. At least when they wrote them. It seems most people kept to themselves or maybe just in the IM world.

GothKitty: What is your Unspeakable Fantasy?

Drake632: I was hoping to find out yours. How old are you?

GothKitty: 19. Are you going to tell me? I did ask you first.

Drake632: OK. I want to have sex with my daughter.

GothKitty: Cool. I like that one. My daddy and I have sex. I like it. How old is she?

Drake632: She is 18. What is your unspeakable desire?

GothKitty: Does she want you? It’s kinkier that way, when the daughter wants the father.

GothKitty: I’ve been fucking my father for a while. My Uncle started playing with me soon after that. His son even just started in on the fun.

GothKitty: I have this friend of mine and she wants her Daddy. I want to be there for the first time. I want to watch as they fuck and suck each other.

Drake632: Wow!

GothKitty: Can I watch the two of you. Can I watch you rape your daughter?

Drake632: If it can be arranged.

GothKitty: Really that would be so cool. I am trying to get my friend to fuck her father.

GothKitty: He’s cute. I don’t think he will go though with it. He is under the delusion that his little girl is sweet and innocent. That’s not true. She is such a slut. I would love to watch them fuck.

Drake632: Really? How do you think you can get him to fuck her?

GothKitty: I told him I was going to blackmail him, but I’m not. I want him to want it. I would love to watch though. She is so pretty. Here’s a picture of her. It’s a bit dirty. She took it herself on her birthday.

Drake632: Thanks. Anyway how did you meet this girl?

GothKitty: I met her in this chat room. She would always enter and just read. Then one day she posted. Teenage Daughter wants to fuck her father what should I do. I responded right away.

GothKitty: I figure I was close to her age so she would feel more comfortable. Then I told her I was in the same situation.

GothKitty: I told her I think she should do it. We became online friends. A year went by and I found out we went to the same school.

I checked my mail to see the picture she sent. Oh my God. I couldn’t believe what my daughter was doing. She was dressed in barely anything. I started to touch myself. My daughter was so hot. GothKitty’s IM took my attention away from the picture. Did she write they went to school together?

GothKitty: It was funny seeing her in school that day. I went up behind her and grabbed her tits and whispered in her ear, so you want to fuck your father. She turned so quickly.

GothKitty: We looked at each other and laughed. We became best friends. I wouldn’t mind fucking her Father either.

Drake632: So what are you doing tonight?

GothKitty: Going out with my friend tonight. We are going shopping.

Drake632: Maybe if you both come home dressed in Catholic school girl outfits, I’ll fuck you both”

GothKitty: WHAT? Who is this?

Drake632: This is her Dad. I realized I want her. I want to give her what she wants. I can only do this with your help. Are you sure that she wants this?

GothKitty: ;-). YES, I want it to

Drake632: Good! I’ll tell her to be home by nine. Make sure to make her late. Also ask her if you can sleep over.

I jumped off line not even realizing all the IM’s of people. I told them all to list me and I’ll get back to them. I was going to fuck my daughter and I would tell them the entire story later.

Chapter 4

So here I was waiting at the table with my robe on. I made myself some soup and tea so my daughter would think I wasn’t feeling well. I heard the door open and in walked the two girls. One was my daughter and the other was Katrina. Katrina was a cutie, just as hot as my daughter was even. I wondered if she was GothKitty. It took the two of them a while to realize I was here.

“Oh! Hi Dad. You remember Katrina?”

“Yes, I do. She was the one who made sure that all your gifts were hidden for me. She asked her father if we could leave them at her house. Hello Katrina.”

All she did was wave. She looked cute. I figured she couldn’t be GothKitty. There is no way she would be able to IM me from school.

“Dad, Katrina met me at school today because we are going out tonight. I was wondering if she could sleep over?” Oh, so it could be her.

“Sure Baby, Just be home by nine. I’m not feeling so well and I don’t want to have to stay up waiting for you”

“Great Daddy” she exclaimed. “I am going upstairs to change. Be right down Katrina”

Katrina Just looked at me rather innocently. She smiled a rather seductive smile.

“So” she begins. “Do you want to fuck your daughter Drake.” I noticed how Bayan Escort she used my screen name. I smiled and stood up as Katrina took a step closer.

“Come here little girl” I reply. Once she got close enough I pulled her to me and stuck a finger down the front of her pants. I could feel her shaved pussy. Very smooth. “So do you want to be raped to little girl. Do you want to get fucked good, you fucking slut.” I played with her clit as I talked. Her legs began to buckle. Her voice was weak and unable to be heard. I heard my daughter come down the steps and retreated away. Sitting back down Katrina replied with a yes.

“Have fun kids and be careful.”

Crystal gave me a kiss good-bye and Katrina waved with a wicked smile. “I don’t think he read it” my daughter whispered as they walked to the door. I listened until they closed the door and cleaned up after myself. I went upstairs into Crystal’s room. Her clothes were scattered around. I smiled wondering how I was going to take care of two girls. When an idea instantly formed in my head. It’s a shame I would have to wait till six to see if I could get it to work. I decide to jump on line to see what was going on. I began to go to my room when the phone rang.


“Hi. Is this Ashton?”

“Yes, it is. Who’s this?”

“This is Remus. Katrina’s father. I got home from work early. She left a not stating you would need to talk to me”

It looks like I didn’t have to wait till six after all. It was a rather pleasant surprise he called me instead. Katrina really was planning quite a bit.

“I need you to tell me what is going on between you and your daughter?”

“What are you talking about.” He replied defensively.

“Listen your daughter and I talked online. I need to hear it from your mouth. Is it true”

“Yes, and you”

“No. I need your help there. Just today I found out that she wants to be raped by a group of guys. She also wants to fuck me. She has wanted me for a while now. Her diary was pretty explicit. Your daughter wants to watch, but I would like to make it as real as possible. Do you think you could help.”

“Let me get this straight first. You want me to hold my daughter back while you rape yours. Then you want other guys to fuck the both of them and continue taking turns. Is that correct?”


“OK. I am in. When did you want to do this?”

“Tonight. They are at the mall now. I think they are buying something for her graduation next month.”

“OK Ashton. I’ll be there. I’ll even bring a few guys. See ya later”

I hung up the phone ready to cum in my pants. I had a bit of time before my company would arrive. I went back into my daughter’s room and looked through her drawers. I found a nice little sleeping gown. I took it out of her drawer and laid it down on the bed. I pulled my pants down and lay down on her bed next to it. My dick was dripping with pre-cum. I started stroking my dick with the silky material

of my daughters nightie. I started jerking off thinking of her for the first time. I never thought I would be doing this, especially in her own bed.

Chapter 5

Remus was as good as his word. A few minutes after I cleaned up after myself, he arrived. He also brought his brother Mark and his nephew Matthew. We all discussed what we were going to do. At 8:30 I left a note for my daughter I had to step out for some more medicine and I would be home soon. After that was done we went down stairs. I found out Matthew has been fucking his Mother and wanted to have a gang bang with his cousin for quite some time. Her Uncle Mark however never missed an opportunity to screw his niece. I was the only one there without this type of experience.

I found out that Mark and Matt play rape their Mom from time to time. They even invited me over one time. They figure it would really scare her since she didn’t know me. I told them let’s get through tonight first. Our talking stopped as soon as we heard the door open. The girl’s voices carried down the stairs to where we were hidden.

“Daddy” My daughter cried out. Matt handed out the ski masks we would be wearing. They fit well covering our faces completely. “DAD!” she cried louder. I listened as they walked into the kitchen.

“Crystal. Your dad left a note for you. He wrote that he had to rush out to pick up some medicine. He says we should get ready for bed and go to sleep if he runs late. Go to sleep? Yea write. Hey want to jump on line?”

“Yes, I have to see if my online Daddy got back to me. I only wish my Daddy would act like that.”

Then their voices grew softer as they went upstairs. We decided to wait about a half an hour. To make it a bit more realistic we decided to break down the door. With a loud crash we rushed upstairs immediately after. We did our best to make it look like we were searching every room. We got to my daughter’s room just as they were opening it. Their stood Katrina shocked. She started to scream. I pulled her out of the room and passed her to her father. I could swear I saw her smile. I rushed in and found my daughter already turning away from the computer. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. The computer screen caught my attention. Here she was typing her rape fantasy out. That made me feel better, not I could do this with a clear conscience

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